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"I was the type of person to go from one extreme to another. I was that person that had fat clothes and skinny clothes. I was skeptical at first on tracking my macros but now that I'm finished it's definitely a much better and healthier way to lose weight. I wasn't ever starving and I never wanted to binge eat either. The best part is I gained muscle and grew stronger."                                                                                                

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"12 weeks ago I started my program with Bree. To be honest, I was skeptical and didn't know exactly what to expect from online training. Turns out, it was just what I needed. I was lazy, tired all the time and very unhealthy. Bree taught me a lot about my diet and help coach me into developing a flexible diet that I could work around my day. She developed a workout plan for me that incorporated exercises I was comfortable with as well as some I'd never done pushing me to get stronger. And most of all, she was there to hold me accountable with each workout and answered all my many questions along the way. It was exactly what I needed to get headed down the right track with my health! Thanks Bree!"  

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   "Working with my online trainer @bodybybree2 has been a total game changer. BEST $300 investment I have ever made!! The girl on the left WAS a 50 year old menopausal, tired, out of shape, weak, binge eating, scale watcher. The girl on the right is still 50 and menopausal but now knows exactly how to combat the lack of energy. When you workout, it makes you strong, agile, and gives you energy. I Rarely step on the scale now (only when it was required for stats in my program). No more numbers in the morning to dictate how I'm going to feel that day. A couple pounds up and I would instantly be down on myself about it and it would transfer over to how I viewed my day. I now go by how my clothes fit and how I feel! I have learned HOW to fuel my body. Your body will not function effectively unless you are feeding it all the nutrients it needs.  

With Bree's knowledge and direction I would hit the gym each day with my phone app, knowing exactly what I needed to do. No more wandering around the gym machines just doing random ones because you felt like that was a good one to do. NO, NO, NO...There is a science to what muscle groups you work when and how often. Another thing I learned through Bree was that lifting heavier than I normally would, was actually what leaned out my body most. Who knew? Not me! I always thought ladies just lifted little petite weights to tone up....NOPE, heavier is the ticket. I'm so thankful to Bree for her help and support along the way. Online training works!!"

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"The last 12 weeks on Bree's exercise and nutrition plan have been so encouraging and educational! I'm a total believer in the science behind a macro friendly diet accompanied by weight lifting. I haven't seen this much consistent progress in my body from any other program I've done. I started seeing results almost immediately. It's been really exciting! I loved being held accountable by Bree through her app and checking off my exercise every day. Macros totally intimidated me when I first started but the best way to learn about them is to put it into practice. Logging everything I ate was so much easier than I expected. It became a game to see how I could fit enough protein into each day and hit my numbers spot on. I felt like it encouraged a very positive relationship with food. No binging! I can finally see a glimpse of my body's full potential and look forward to how much stronger and healthier I can become! Thank you, Bree!!" 

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"I have been wanting to lose some weight for a while. And have been wanting to work with Bree. I finally got the courage to talk to Bree and find out about her program. When I started I was scared I would just give up but I didn't. I felt great I was not hungry and I had more energy then I thought. I started noticing a difference with in the first couple of weeks!! When I finished I was ecstatic with the results. It's been great for me and my family to start eating better and have a lot more energy to keep up with my two energetic kids!!!"

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"I started working with Bree 10 weeks postpartum with my 4th baby. I was so out of shape, tired and not fitting into any of my clothes. I was desperate to make a change. I decided I wanted to invest in myself and not in a new wardrobe. I contacted Bree and asked her for help. I am SO thankful I did!! She taught me so much about food and helped me change my relationship with it. Her meal plan and workouts have helped me succeed when I thought it wouldn't be possible. I am so much stronger and happier now then I ever have been. It's amazing how much your body can change with consistent workouts and proper nutrition. I did all this while exclusively nursing my baby. Bree helped me maintain my milk supply and was always there to help answer my questions and concerns along the way. I have now been on my own for the last 4 weeks and have been able to continue to lose 4 more lbs and see additional progress all because of what Bree taught me. Her programs work and aren't a diet, but a true lifestyle change! Thanks so much Bree!!!" 

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"When I started working with Bree I was eating horrible and never worked out. I had gained a lot of weight with two pregnancies (and poor habits) and was feeling so out of shape and tired all the time. After just a couple weeks working with Bree I started to notice my clothes started fitting better and most importantly I felt better! I had more energy and drive then I had had in a long time! After a few more weeks everyone around me was noticing a difference too! It felt so good to be recognized for my hard work and healthy choices. I love this program because it is so flexible! Bree taught me that I don't have to starve myself to lose weight. Just by watching my macros I can still enjoy eating and be heathy! Bree is so good about customizing workouts for each client. I requested to have all at home workouts because with my husbands busy schedule I don't have the opportunity to make it to a gym. Bree has also been so great about being available for questions, and has helped me make adjustments to my workouts due to knee problems. I am so thankful I found Body by Bree! It is giving me a jump start into a healthy lifestyle!" 

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"Here's my story, the picture on the left is a few days after having my baby and the picture on the right was just nine months later. With A LOT of work, you can get your body back! For as long as I can remember, I wanted to do a competition.... I would dream about it, and watch all the shows, and I knew all the competitors in the industry- but I was too scare to do it! I was scared I wouldn't be strong enough becuase I loved food so much, scared I wouldn't have the confience to get on stage, and honestly didn't know if my body would look like 'them'. Thank goodness for my amazing supportive husband who encouraged me to go after what I wanted. So I hired a coach, wrote down my goals, and went after my dream and even thought it scared the crap out of me, I have learn so much about myself through that process and I'm stronger than I ever thought possible! You know what, SO ARE YOU! Whether you are training with a specific fitness goal in mind, or committing to leaving a healthier lifestyle, do it for yourself and I promise you will never regret it!"  

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"Prior to starting the 12 week fitness program with Bree I was at an impasse. I had had two kids in less than two years and I felt like my body was refusing to respond to any type of diet or fitness program- possibly because it was tired, older or maybe just unable to return to its pre-pregnancy shape. Whatever the reason, I was frustrated with my lack of progress, but thankfully I stumbled upon her Instagram page. I saw some of her clients results and thought that maybe this was a way to really make a lifestyle change that would be one I could sustain with added benefit of improving body. It's been over 15 weeks since I've started training with her and my body has completely transformed and I feel great too! I love flexible eating through macros- it allows me the freedom to create custom meals and still stay on track. I love my workouts too, they push me past my comfort zone without making me feel completely depleted and I don't have to spend hours working out everyday! Overall I'm so happy I found Bree and started to train with her when I did because it motivates me to focus on building muscle, eating healthy and enjoying my workouts rather than stressing over how much weight I lost!"

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"Bodybybree works and it's amazing! Simple as that. She gave me knowledge about counting macros and fitting them into foods I actually like to eat. I used to do so many things or quick programs to get skinny. But none of them would stick and it wasn't something I could do for a long period of time like a cleanse or cut out all carbs. I just am so grateful that I decided to do this program because it's really changed my life. I've never been this confident with my body. I used to have the thought that during the winter I can get fat because no one will see me in a swim suit and who cares. Then always at the start of a new year I would stress and try to figure out a new way to lose the weight. Now I don't have to stress about that. Yay! Also Her workouts are awesome. They are challenging but it's rewarding when you can up the weight or when you start seeing definition. I'm just so proud of myself for sticking to it because the results are amazing. Anyone thinking about signing up with her should. Its so worth it!

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My clients are so inspiring!! She lost 60lbs on her own and came to me to tone and tighten everything up. She was eating "clean" before but until I calculated her macros and taught her how to do it on her own as well as started a customized training plan tailored to her needs she started seeing her body tighten up. She has only been working with me for 6 weeks and still has 6 more to go. Don't ever give up! It's never too late! 

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"Working out with Bree was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I was always afraid to lift weights before I started her plan! I was a cardio queen and it caused me to plateau after a certain point. I couldn't lose any weight. With Bree's plan my body changed drastically within just a few weeks! I've lost inches around my waist and around my arms! Her plan for me consists of weight lifting and cardio daily with healthy eating added in. She helped me beat morning bloat by helping me cut carbs late at night. I've never felt healthier than I do today and that's so important to me!"

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"After just 8 weeks of hard work, I have never in my life looked this good...and let me tell ya it is so much more fun to wear a bikini when you are confident. Loving my results with @bodybybree2 I have lost 12 pounds and certainly inches off my body!" 

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"I am so happy with my progress so far & I'm feeling super motivated to keep going! I never thought I could lose 20 lbs as quickly as I did (8 weeks). I have so much more energy and am feeling so much more confident in myself. For me it has been very important to have someone to be accountable to. I have never been able to stick to any diet or exercise plan on my own. I am so grateful that I have had to check in with Bree and keep myself on track. I couldn't have gone this far without her."

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"January to July! I've made changes to my eating and starting focusing on my weight lifting. So proud of my progress so far! Thanks so much for the meal and training plans Bree!"