Why is tracking macros so successful?

  • Macronutrients that are a combination of carbs, protein, and fats. When you track the correct percentages of macros customized to YOUR body's specific needs, you can mold your body in ways typical dieting can't - or won't very quickly. You are essentially eating for your goals.  

Do you teach me how to track my macros?

  • I will give you all the tools you need to be successful with tracking your macros.  I also offer a phone call if you need further clarification. 

How long is the meal plan?

  • I create a one time 7 Day Meal Plan according to your age, height, weight, goals, and activity levels.  This shows you how you should be eating according to your macro numbers (carbs, proteins and fats) and I also take your food preferences into consideration, and make sure it’s the healthy foods you like to eat! I break down each days macros, for every meal which includes recipes and a shopping list to get you prepped to hit your goals!

Can you create vegetarian or gluten free Meal Plans?

  • Yes!  I customize all of my client's meal plans according to your needs and dietary restricts.   

Can I do the workouts if I don’t have a gym membership?

  • Yes!  I customize every workout to you and your schedule.  I can make home workouts, gym workouts, or a little of both and schedule them on the days you have available. 

How do you hold me accountable?

  •  You have access to me 24/7 through my app where I check in with you at least once a week if not more.  You also can ask me any questions you have throughout the whole 12 weeks. I’m here to help in every way possible. You also log every workout and can link your fitness pal app to my BodyByBree App so I can see your macros. I have you upload new progress pics every month to make sure your body is responding. It's my goal as your trainer to help you feel empowered and confident during this process and I'm helping by providing the tools to achieve your goals through your hard work and consistant effort. I want you to understand how to correctly fuel and train your body, so you can achieve your personal fitness goals.

Can you create a plan for a nursing or pregnant client?

  • Yes!  I create personalized plans for all my nursing and pregnant clients. Being a mother of two myself, I understand the importance and the proiorty of nursing mom's  who desire to keep a healthy milk supply while nursing. For my clients who are pregnant, I make sure your programing is safe with correct exercises that the meal plan is balanced to keep nourishing their baby through your pregnancy.

Do you ever change my macros?

  • If your body is not responding I will make the necessary adjustments to your macros.  

What happens after I complete the program?

  • If you’d like to continue training after the 12 weeks are completed you can pay $50 a month and I create new workouts for you every 4 weeks.